September 2011 Visa Bulletin EB2 predictions


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Originally posted by sksapcv06:

Please use this thread for September 2011 Visa Bulletin EB2 predictions. what are all your thoughts? How far it go in Sept 2011 bulletin for EB2?

I dotn want to shatter any one's dreams but my guess is it might move a month or so. My PD is in 2008 i cant wait for it come close, hey if it moves beyond a month wouldnt that be nice...

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While it is worthless to predict, because it does not help anyone, it does help get peoples wishes and hopes.

I believe the date for EB2 India and China will be March 2008. My reasoning is that this way people will be able to apply for adjustment and USCIS will get an idea of the pipeline. In October it will retrogress to September 2007.

This makes it more orderly rather than the abrupt method that was prevalent prior to June 2007.

Please let me know thoughts!

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The USCIS shouldnot have any interest in any of these categories. Nobody in this country really care for pottential immigrants. Its all the people fate. We are in the line and should wait for our turn. I believe we should think posstively and motivate ourselves.

I think the movement may be till 05/15.

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just a few more days and we can know.

Anyway, based on the demand data, there is no pending demand in eb2in till jan 1, 07. This suggests that the pd will not retrogress prior to jan 1.

If they can provide finer data on the month by month demand rather than cumulative total pending prior to jan 1, 08, we can make informed predictions on the month as well.

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Hi folks,

Would anyone in the thread mind to educate me, if all the VISA nos (140,000) has to be exhausted by the time September VISA bulletin is out? If USCIS can not use some visa nos from the 140,000 allotment these are just waste VISA nos ? They dont spill over to next FY?



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