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Hi All,

Experts please help me with your valuable suggestions. Having hardtime and please please O need your response. Here I am explaining my situation:

My previous H1B is valid until Jan'2011. Since I have plan to go home country for couple of months, I haven't applied for my H1B extension during that time. I traveled India in Dec'2010 and returned in Jan'2011 on a H4 visa.

After I returned to US, my employer applied for H1 extension(since I haven't finished 6ys on h1). In April'2011, I got the H1B approval until Dec'2011. Shockingly couple of weeks back I got a letter from my employer saying he 'cancelled my H1' without giving me prior notice(he sucked blood out of me and cheated me finally).

I am confused abt my status now. My questions here are :

1) Came to US on H4 , got H1 approval, never applied for COS or used H1. I am assuming my status is legal as H4 and not out of status. Am I Correct?

2) I wanted to get back onto my H1 with a new employer. Can I still re-use my H1? I have couple of Job offers now so I wanted to do a COS and H1 transfer. What are the things I need to follow?

3) Will there be the chances of denial? If my transfer and COS is denied, will I be on H4 automatically? or should I apply for H4 again?

3) Can I start working as soon COS applied? or should I need to wait until approval?

4) Can I apply COS and H1 transfer from 2 companies, just incase one got denial I still have chance with the other employer (I am gonna share the expenses with the employer)

Please provide me your thoughts. Sorry for too many questions... iam very much worried and need of help very badly. thanks for reading through.

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