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Hi everyone,

We appealed my I140 Denial (EB1-A) in Aug 2010. It was transferred to AA0 in Oct 2010 and is pending. In trying to calculate the estimated processing but am confused:

- Today, the processing times for this category are advertised as 15 months

- At the time of filing, they were advertised to be 10 months.

Which time should I be looking at? If it is 10 months then I should hear soon, if it's 15 months then next year.

When the AAO says 12 months does it mean the last case processed was filed 12 months ago, or that their processing speed is n cases/month and that they have 12n cases?

I would really appreciate it if any attorneys here have an insights into this, or even better if they have heard back for such a case in a similar time frame.

Thank you,


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