Paying the Visa Fee


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Hi Guys,


I've been scratching my head for a while, I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with the following questions:


1)  Do I have to have a bank account in India to pay the visa fee, can I use a friends a/c to pay my fee?

2)  Where do I see the receipt no. once i make my payment, do i get an email? is it given after i make the transaction?


These are the two questions I am very unsure about, if anybody can help me out I'd really appreciate it.



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(1) You could pay using any one's account.


(2) When you create a login and enter details of applicant in ustraveldocs website and enter DS160 application number a receipt number will be generated. Once you pay then you will get an email mentioning that the receipt number is activated. With this you can schedule an appointment

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