H1B Transfer under 221G


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Hello all,


I had my visa interview last month for H1B stamping at India. I received 221g form to submit my educational and W2 tax forms for entire stay in US as well as few documents from employer. My employer had told me that they will prepare reply for US consulate and will submit, But it has been 1 month , I haven't received document from my employer. It was in-house project, it was client project.


In this situation, Can I transfer H1B to other employer ?

What is the process and limitation on H1B transfer under 221G?


Thanks in advance!!!

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what do u mean by that??


it means the OP's employer is a fake and shady one..and thats the reason they havent bothered to help OP. but I dont know why is OP waiting for his employer's reply as US consulate has asked only for Educational Evaluaton and W2..for which OP should have both.

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