Very Urgent:H1B 2nd NOID: Client given wrong information to USCIS


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1. I am doing B1 to H1B with premium processing. Now i got NOID will my NOID response be considered as Premium processing or not. Will i get response in 15 working days?
2. Its been 3 days already we responded to NOID through FAX but till now my premium processing clock not started. Please guide me here?

My scenario:
Client HR responded wrong data to USCIS when USCIS contacted them. HR told that i already joined company 1 month back and which is not true. She got confused with another person from our company who joined 1 month back.
Now both client and our company responded to USCIS. But clock not started yet.

1.Is NOID be considered as Normal processing or premium processing as my pettion is filled under premium processing category. Why clock not started yet.
2. What are the chances of approval?
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If you are depending on the website for status, you need to know that many times its information is not current.


No one can predict chance of approval.



Only one confirmation needed like will my NOID considered as  premium processing or not. Original filling was premium processing so...I am confused because online clock not started.

Please confirm like if i get response in 14 working days or not.



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