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Currently, I am working for a MNC who have operations across the world. I am in 6th year of my H-1 and
will complete my 6 year term on 19th Aug 2013(including recapture time). My employer filed  PERM on
10th July 2012, audited and denied on 24th June 2013. Attorney appealed for Request For Reconsideration
today(22nd July 2013) and requesting for H-1 extension as PERM applied 1 year before H-1 expiry.
In case of H-1B and PERM denial, What are my options if i want to continue with same employer?


a) Can i work with same project from Canada? What is the process of getting Canadian work permit?
b) As my 6 year term is completing on Aug 2013, Can i apply for fresh H-1 in April 2014?
c) Do I need to stay outside the country for 1 full year ?
d) Can I switch from H-1 to L-1 with same employer without leaving US?

What other relocation options are availableafter completing 6 years of H1 ?

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To get a new H1, you would have to be outside the US for one year before the employer can FILE for a new H1.

Same for an L1. For an L1, you actually have to have worked for the employer abroad for at least one year in the last three years.

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