J1 waiver chronological mistake


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I am applying for a J1-waiver. Some of my friends told me that, we need get the NORI forms from the Indian Govt. and then fill out the online 3035 application. So, I got all the 3 required NORI forms from the Indian Govt. (I don't have copies of the forms though, they sent it directly to the CGI Houston). But, now when I filled out the 3035 application, I was assigned a case number, and was asked to mention that case number on all the no objection letters. As I already have got all the NORI forms, what can I do?  
Will this effect the process? or should I apply for the NORI forms again? 




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Once you confirm that Consulate General of India at Houston received all the three favorable letters. Send a cover letter to CGI Houston along with the case number barcode page, orginal passport and required fee for further processing. After reviewed, The Consulate General will issue the waiver certificate and forward it to the Embassy of India in Washington DC, which will forward No objection certificate to DOS. DOS will review and forward favorable recomendation to USCIS. You will receive confirmation email from USCIS once approved.

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hi there - quick question. how long did it take you to get the NORI forms from india? just wondering what your time line was like. i'm in a bit of time crunch, so figuring out ways to optimise my waiver process. 



From 3 months to a year. I got mine in 3 months even after regular follow up through my parents.

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