Is there a way to know if I am pre-adjudicated?


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My PD is EB2-India Nov 2008. I applied for I-485, EAD, AP when I became current in March 2012.

I received my EAD/AP and again I applied for renewal this year and got the combo cord approved.


I'm still not using EAD and working in H1B. My current H1B expires in Dec-2013 and I already applied got 

an extension from Dec-13 to Dec-16. 


Looking at the demand data I am not sure if EB2-India will go as far as Nov-2008 in September Visa bulletin 

or until the end of FY 2014. I'm currently in a contract which is a junior role for my experience and pays lesser than 

my market rate. There are a couple of opportunities which are better but the vendors want me to work on their payroll 

or 1088.


1. If I use EAD can I work on 1099 with a vendor of a client?

2. If I use EAD and use AC21 to join full time with another employer, what are the risks?

3. If my PD becomes current, will USCIS asks for any documents or offer letter before issuing green card?

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preadjudication will not prevent the officer from asking for EVL.

anecdotes were that people with early 08 pds got RFEs, if they responded, their case stands pre-adjudicated waiting for visa number.


There was not prediction that the dates will move forward again in the VB come september; demand data was nbot released either.

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