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Hi,today i attended my h4 interview with my kid and everything went on normal but he gave me pink slip telling its in administrative processing and i was instructed to goto next counter there an indian lady asked about my past job details and my qualifications,i worked between 2004 and 2006 and its almost 5 yrs ago,she told that my kids visa has been approved and mine is on hold for additional checking and it will take 8-10 weeks,im worried so much r they checking whether im working?how long will it take to get cleared?my passport has been retained by them.i also have a common muslim name,plz somebody reply me.

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221(g) "Administrative Processing" could be issued for a variety of reasons ranging anywhere from a simple internal check on your or your H1B spouse's case, to security checks or even an investigation. If the 221(g) sheet does not request specific information, then most likely the case is currently undergoing some form of security check. These are fairly common, but unfortunately there is no standard processing time and the wait can range from a few days to several months (even years in some rare cases).

The MurthyBulletin has published several articles about delays at the consulates and some of the common problems visa applicants have experienced recently, especially for H-4 applicants in India. (http://www.murthy.com/news/n_h14ind.html)

You may want to contact an experienced immigration attorney to try to resolve your case with the consulate.

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Dear Friends,

I recently Got H4 Stamped after 70 Days Security Clearance check.

Visa is issued till June 2016, but the Petition is expiring on June 2012 & petition expiry date is mentioned correctly in the US Visa;

1. Called VFS, they informed there is no issue in travelling

2. Called Border & Customs US Homeland security, checked whether there will be any problem in POE, Lady informed me there wont be issues issues...lady also informed only I 94 decides how long person suppose to stay in US not US visa it allows only to enter

3. Called Chennai Consulate, they told its mistake it needs to be changed and said we might again put in administration processing which will take 3 months; but she told its my wish to travel

suggest me what to Do, i am travelling to on June 13...already i end up in paying more money to Airways for buying ticket 2 times

If i travel with same visa will there be any Deportation, i am travelling with 3 yr old kid

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