b2 visa extension


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 My mom's 6 month visa and I94 is expiring in Aug. I want to extend it by couple of months as she is not well enough to fly and undergoing medical treatment.


Regarding her extension I have a question while filling the I-539.

I have changed my employer recently and my H1b application with my current employer is not yet approved.

What shall I fill in about my employment details.

Shall I give my old employer details for which I have approved visa and I797  or do I give my present employer details?

If I give my present employer's details will the H1b receipt number suffice?





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Tell the truth!  Give the details about the employer for whom you are working.


You should have purchased med-evac insurance so she could have been taken home when she was stabilized after becoming ill. If you purchased health insurance for her, check the policy.


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