Visa Approved @Vancouver on July 12th


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Hey Guys,


Today my visa interview @ Vancouver .It was straight forward interview.


VO : White female




Questions asked:


1)How long been with this employer?


2)Who is ur end client?


3)do you have letter from client?


4)Where is this client Located?(I told the location)


5)Do you have pay stubs and w2's?


6)last year pay stubs please?


7)does your employer pay you twice?(she literally checked month to month)


8)I129 & LCA(she checked the location what i told on my 4th question)


Then she typed something in the computer for some time say for 4 minutes(pure Silence)


Then she said it's approved collect it 3 to 5 business days @Loomis.


If anyone here around want to meet just to hangout please email me ?My email id is in my profile.


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