H1B transfer concerns


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I came to the US on H1B visa, in January, 2008 through Company A.

I've had a few company changes, and i joined Company X in Feb 2010, and have been with them ever since.


The expiry on my visa (through company X) was set to January 2014 (Considering 6 years tenure).


This company X was bought by a bigger company Y in September 2012.


Now, they refiled my visa (for transfer) and it somehow got extended for three more years (past the 6 year duration, till October 2015). I would believe this happened as i've also filed my Green card through company Y.


My concerns are:


- Is this even possible, or could it have been an error?

- If i change my job from Company Y to any new company, would it jeopardize my H1B validity, considering it's more than 6 years?


I have some personal issues, and I am being forced to looking for a job outside Company Y.


Please advise, and thanks for your help!



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