Do I need Interfiling


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I filled my 485, EAD, AP  last year in March. EB3 to EB3 porting.


I received 485 receipt, EAD and AP and also the new I 140 shows the old PD of Dec 2007


Do, I still need to interfile or take any steps from my end as I am not sure if my company lawyer did it already??


Could you please confirm as I am current in August and my case status shows "Acceptance" till date




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Sorry, I only filed 485 application once that after my I 140 EB2 got approved and had PD of I 140 from EB3.


Never filed 485 in EB3 category...


So, I assume my case is straight EB2 and no interfiling required??


Also, do I need to take any steps from my end to make sure that my file is picked in August as I am current in August Visa bulletin?

My case shows "Acceptance" even after 15 months.



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Thanks Belle, so in my case as I filed 485 only after I accomplished 140 porting. No interfiling is needed, correct??

Since your I-140 did not change after I-485 filing, you don't need interfiling. Not sure why you think you need I-140 porting. You don't disclose anything that would indicate it.

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