221g blue slip at Mumbai consulate for H4


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Had an interview on 19th Sep at Mumbai consulate for H4 visa.

I went to USA before for the first time on F1 then worked there for about 3 years and came back here for H1 stamping. I got refused in it then again filed for H1 with the new company and after about 3 months they sent me a refusal email.

During my H4 visa interview, interviewer said that its a weird case and gave me 221g Blue slip and asked me to submit all the docs including

wedding certificate, wedding photos, My W2 and Pay slips for the period when I was working on H1, My spouse's W2, Payslips, Back statements.

Please someone tell me will I get the Visa or is someone there having the same kind of experience?

Thanks !

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Hey my4visa,

I hope you get your visa without any issues. But I'm little afraid that is not a good sign. Please update us and let us know what happens.

And another point if your spouses papers are good and I think it shouldn't be a problem. I spoke to my lawyer about this same issue and they said for H4 they will mainly look at spouses work n papers etc. I hope your prior visa refusal doesn't affect your H4.

Nevertheless please update here what happens...

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