Filing I-485 by previous H1-B employer

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I have my Labor and I-140 approved by my previous employer (A) while on H1 B under EB2


Priority Date : Aug 2nd , 2006

I-140 Approved Date :  Jan 15, 2008


I left US in June 2009 but recently returned to USA on L1-A Blanket with current employer (B)


My previous employer A has job for offer me a job and ready file my I-485.


Can I get my i-485 processed by my previous employer while working with my current employer or are there any risks associated with it.


A quick response is highly desirable and appreciated

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The I-485 is not filed by an employer, it is filed by the foreign national. A foreign national lawfully present in the United States may file an adjustment of status application on the basis of an approved employment based immigrant petition provided they intend to enter into employment with the sponsoring employer upon receipt of the Permanent Resident Status. It may be helpful to discuss this matter with an immigration attorney to discuss pre filing and post filing scenarios.

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