Sep 2013 Stamping is going to Expire and Visa Extented to 2016 - When can i go for my stamping process?


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My H1B is valid till sep 2013 from company A &  Now i moved to company B from today (July 1) and extended my H1B to till 2016.


My question is,

1. I have only July & August left with the current stamping, so shall i go for stamping to canda/india now? or  can i do it after September 2013(Stamping expires)?  


2. If i go to Canda will it safe? currenly i am working in small consulting company (less then 200 people).


2. Currently i dont have any pay slip and need to go india for vacation. So please let me know how many months can i stay with this company B and go for vacation? 


Please help me out.




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