Successful visa stamping on June 28th @ Vancouver with no client letter.


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Hello all,

I had my visa interview at Vancouver on June 28th scheduled at 11.30AM. Following are the visa questions asked by the visa officer.

VO: What is your role?

Me: Programmer Analyst.

VO: How long have you been with your employer?

Me: 27 months.

VO: Who is your client?

Me: xxx

VO: How long have you been working with this client?

Me: 13 months.

VO: Do you have any client letter?

Me: I don't have a letter from my client, but I have an email from my manager which explains why he couldn't able to provide it. And then provided the email print out.

VO: How long is the project?

Me: It is a long term on going project. I have been working since xxxx.

VO: What is your major? Where did you study?

Me: Mechanical Engineering. Did my masters at xxxx university.

VO: Can is see your W2 and LCA?

Me: Given.

And finally the golden words, "Your Visa is approved".

I was interviewed by the white guy with no beard. Went to counter 6. Interview went for less than a minute. All the time he is checking something in his system with some doubtful face, whenever I answer any question.

My other roommate also had the same interview process on the same date and time with the same guy, his visa also got approved. A friend of mine, had her interview on june 27th at the same time and with the same guy. She was also asked almost same questions. Her visa also got approved.

Finally, thanks to murthy forum and all the members who shared their experiences and some useful information on this forum. Helped a lot. So many told me, be confident and have a smiling face all the time. I do strongly recommend this to everyone. All the best guys, for your future visa interviews.

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