H1B transfer time constraints


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Hi everyone


I was laid off from Company A and immediately filed for H1 transfer through a consulting company and got the approval within 2 weeks. A week after the approval (I havn't started working yet for the consulting company), I got a good offer from Company B and I am really interested in joining them, though I will try my best not to spoil relations with the consulting company. I had a couple of questions :


1. Does the consulting company have a time constraint to start my paystubs after the approval has been received? I was thinking of asking them to postpone the start date so I don't start working for them.


2. Since I do not have any paystubs from the consulting company, can I just use my previous company's paystubs from Company A to file for the new H1B from Company B?


3. Considering that there will be a 3 week difference between the date I was laid off and the date when Company B starts the H1B transfer process, would I need to show the approved I-797 from the consulting company?


Thanks a ton






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