Administrative processing based on previous employer


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One of my friend who recently joined as a Full time employee at one of the leading hospitals was given Administrative processing when he went for stamping in HYD on H1B extension.


He was basically asked 2-3 questions about his current employer and the VO even said that their (wife and kid including) Visa has been approved. Just then she looked at her Computer Screen and asked few questions on his previous employer, who is a desi consulting company. She asked about the Clients, where he worked and later asked whether his employer has been investigated by USCIS ever.


And then the most dreaded words for any Visa holder - Your case is under Investigation and will let you know. Now he's stuck with his family for the last 3 weeks in HYD(atleast he's with his family) But his employer wouldnt wait for too long.


Question: Has anyone faced anything similar?

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