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I'm currently on F1 OPT (expiring Sept 5 2011). I was on job from Sept 2010 to June end. I want to change my status to H4. My spouse's 7th year H1B extension is till 11/2011. His company is waiting for I140 approval which was done in March and they would only file his 8th year extension 1st/2nd week of Sept.

I want to file my I539 ASAP and would be currently asking for extension till 11/2011 based on my spouse's current H1B approval.

Before F1 I came to U.S on H4 with my spouse with

the same employer (7 yrs) and was on H4 for 3 yrs.

What additional steps I have to take to ensure that the extension time gets extended smoothly with my spouse's new application.

WIll it be a new I539 ?

can I just write a letter with the copy of my spouse's new receipt number ?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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