H4 visa annotation Delayed Start date


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I am applying H4 visa for my wife. I have a H1B approval which is valid till Sep 30th 2013. I also have a extension approval from Oct 1st 2013 - Sept 09 2016. I applied for my wifes H4 visa using extension approval. The visa got approved. However, when she picked up the passort, we found a annotation in the visa stamp indicating following.

Issue Date: 6 June 2013

expiry Date: 9 Sept 2016

Annotation : NOT VALID UNTIL 21 SEPT 2013

Actually at the interview, visa officer asked for both approval letters from my wife. He said everything is fine. But when we got passport we were shocked to see the annotation. I am already in US. Given that I have both the approvals, can my wife travel to US before 21st Sept? Or should she wait? There are lot of other things lined up during this three months for us which are tough to avoid? Is there any process to correct this annotation? Can someone help?

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