H1B stamping in Vancouver - questions on DS-160


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i'm planning to travel to vancouver for getting my h1B (extension) stamped. I'm an FTE, clean case. I have the following questions -

1. I recently got married and my passport doesn't have details of my spouse. While filling the DS-160, I am asked to provide info that matches my passport exactly (first section). I will be traveling with my husband and had filled out his details in the travel companion section of ds160 but when I enter the relationship as spouse, the form wouldn't submit since it doesn't match with section 1. Should I just remove his details from the DS-160 and just say that I am single and traveling with a friend or fiance? Can this cause any kind of an issue?

2. I plan to appear for the interview in the week of July 4th, how many days does it typically take to get the stamped passport from the loomis branch? If the interview is on Monday (july 1st) and Thursday (July 4th) is off, is it possible to get the stamped passport back by friday (july 5th) ?

3, Addionally, my I-140 for GC is approved under the same employer. Should this be mentionedd in the DS-160? Can it cause any issue?


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