H-4 to H-1B & H-4 Extension

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My wife current H-4 is due until July 2013, and her H-4 extension is filed along with my H-1B extension. Got the receipt # for the I-539 (H-4) applied and is in process now.

She have also applied for her H-1B Petition this year, which is still under process.

I would be thankful if some one can please help me clarify these questions,

Case 1: She will get I-94 when her H-1B gets approved,but that should be starting from October. But when her H-4 approves, she shall be getting one more I-94 starting July 2013.

a) Will it be legal to have both the I-94 at the same time. What would be her legal status then.

b) Can she stay in US until October 2013 on H-4 status

c) Will her status would change automatically from H-4 to H-1B starting October 2013

d) Will she be able to travel out of US on H-4 and come back on same status.

Please help..!


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