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Could anyone please help me with this question?

I have applied for H1B visa for FY 13-14 and its in RFE status now. I have applied my H1B from the state of Connecticut and my contract was over in Connecticut was over when I got the RFE so I took a job in a different company in another state(Illinois).

So is it fine to respond to the RFE with the Purchase order from the company I joined in Illinois? Is there any chance of me getting H1b approved?

Thanks in advance.

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I was working for company A but as soon as HIB receipt notice for company B i started working for B. But my h1b transfer get denied due to end client letter and i came back to company A as A did not revoked my previous petition. I had my valid I94 from company A now.

Now its the time to extended my petition for another 3 years. Is there any chance that my extension can get rejected as i might be out of status earlier?

Please advice me what to do? I appreciate your reply.

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