Dependent I20 creation date before the marriage


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Hi Guys,

I am a PhD student, planning to get married in July.

I requested my university to add the name of my spouse in SEVIS data base and provide me with the sevis number so that I can take the visa appointment in advance.

They created the I20 for my spouse and handed over to me without asking for marriage certificate.

So my question is, will that be a problem during Visa interview? The date of issuance of I-20 is before the date of marriage on marriage certificate. Is it legally valid?

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Please share your experiences.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Thanks a lot @LivLiv for your information.

Can somebody also suggest me the better answer to the question:

What are you planning to do there?

1. Just the house wife

2. Planning to study if gets admission in the same university.

Actually she is planning to give GRE and try for admission. Is it ok to say this in visa interview.

Thanks in advance.

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