Need suggestion on H1B transfer after job termination


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I need some inputs on H1B transfer after job termination.

Due to lay-off my job was terminated on May 28. I am on H1B and I wasn't given prior notice.

Recently I received an offer from another company and they are willing to do my H1b transfer.

I was told that once i sign the offer letter, they would start back ground check and get me in touch with attorney in 2-3 days after that. Then I was told the LCA will be filed by the attorney after I send him the required documents.

I was told by my previous company attorney that the new company should file for h1-b transfer petition within 30 days from my termination date.

So my question is - does the LCA approval needs to be completed before my new company files for my H1B?

I have heard that LCA approval typically takes 2 weeks. So will the h1b transfer petition be filed after that? What would happen if the LCA is completed before the 30 day period but not the h1 b petition filed? Would that be a problem?

Any alternatives that I have?

Greatly appreciate any inputs on this.

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