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Am planning to visit Canada and in the process have tried filing application in My CIC for a TRV application.

I have uploaded all the documents needed as instructed and digitally signed the application and when navigated to the payment page, after I gave all my credit card information and submitted I got a confirmation page saying "This order is now complete. Transaction approved!". After this page I only saw a link which said "Return to CIC Online Services" and when I clicked on it I didnt see any confirmation page that my application is submitted. Now am confused whether my application is really submitted successfully to CIC, or if it just got the payment successful. I dont see any contact number to contact CIC, or an email can you please suggest based on your experience.

Also any contact number to Online services of CIC that can be contacted from US would be great. Or an Email contact.



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Hi I am looking for apply for Canada TRV visa. I am looking for the fastest option available. I spoke to a company which takes care of visa processing for canada but they have said it would take 2 months to get it with them. Can you please suggest how long will the online process take, how long did it take you or someone who you know?


Thanks in advance

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Submited online on 6/06/2013 .. Got an E-mail requesting my passport on 6/21/2013, submited my passport on the same day (6/21/2013), got my passport back with visa stamped 6/28/2013. Total processing time in my case is 20 days

Hi Dinu, i have a question I also submitted my online application and got the mail to submit my passport today. Can I submit my passport and the request copy in person to NY canada consulate or should i only mail. Please let me know asap

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I would recommend applying online, seeing my own case and the case of many others. Paper based seems to take about 3 times more time. 

I submitted my online application on June 14th. Got request to send my passport on July 2nd.They received passport on July 5th in NY Consulate. Got it stamped back on July 13th. The total time it took is 30 days including holiday.

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