Having Bachelors + 9 yrs Exp ( 3 with current employer )


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Hi All,

I had my H1B applied/ granted in 2012 and I started working here from Dec 2012.

It was my Employer in India who has applied for my H1B with whom I have been working for almost 3 yrs now.

I have had 6 yrs prior experience with some big names. My current employer is a startup which is well funded and gained reputation very quickly.

I am about to apply for GC now, and I am wondering if I could apply in EB2 category as I have only Bachelors.

I think I have a strong case for EB2 because I have a decent amount of Experience.

Thanks in advance

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I hope the company has a well defined HR function and a good attorney. None of this is your decision. Experience comes into play but also other factors. YOU need to stay out of the process and respond to questions from your employer and his attorney. I would be worried about the startup nature. Most fail.

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Our Company deals with a very well established Law firm, I could tell that from the way they processed my H1.

My employer said he would consult the Lawyer to see if they can apply for me in EB2, I was just wondering is that something I could push for.

They have already applied for an Italian origin and had it approved.

What do you mean by HR function? And ours is a 4 yrs old company, with 100 million funding , generating 20 million/yr revenue.

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Ok , they are not that bad actually. My intention was to ask whether I can make a case of my experience and say "Hey, I have rich experience of 9 yrs and I am a senior member here, I think I deserve this". And they dont really have an opinion in this regard, they completely rely on the lawyer.

So, ultimately it boils down to the immigration lawyer.

Probably, I should have asked "Does anyone here think I deserve EB2 classification given my work experience credentials?"

Or did anyone see an instance where someone applied for EB2 successfully whos in the same lines?

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