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I became a GCholder on 09/09/2008. Traveled to India 3-4times and stayed more than 5months but under 6months. Came back with no problems. Held job few years and now out of work. Have tax papers for 4years since GC is from my ex-husband and we are divorced now.

1. I have moved from OH to VA now and do I need to wait till September to file N400 form? Since they said you need to be in USCIS district atleast 3months before application. I just changed my address.

2. Will USCIS ask for tax papers, bank statements etc.?

3. Will being out of work be a problem? I am taking classes now with a consultancy and also looking for jobs.

4. Is it best I wait till September/October and then file N400?

Appreciate your replies.

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