H1B Visa approved at Vancouver on June 3rd


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Hi everyone,

I sincerely thank you all for all your posts.

I got my Visa approved today and this is the way the interview went on:

VO: hi how r u?

Me: I am good thank u

VO: where r u working?

Me: answered

VO: did u study in U.S?

Me: answered

VO: where did u study?

Me: answered

VO: do u have the client letter?

Me: showed him the letter

VO: how long have u been working?

Me: answered

VO: can I see ur W2 n LCA?

Me: showed

VO: did u have any problems with ur company?

Me: answered

VO: no issues with the pay anytime?


VO: Visa is approved n get ur docs using this tracking#

Thank you,


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1)Did you went on valid f1 visa or expired f1 stamped visa?

2) Did you went via bus or flight?if bus then did anyone checked your visa or passport?

3) can you please share what are the doc u took with you...or list of doc?

4)how many days it took to get torist visa for canada?)

5) ANy thing imp thing that u can share with me?

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Hey Ankur,

1) Expired F1 Visa doesn't make any difference. Don't worry

2) I flew to Canada, but I'm sure they'll check ur Visa once u enter the country.

3)list of docs:

Education docs, i20s n transcripts

Client letter, vendor letter, employer letter

LCA n W2 forms

DS160, i797 n 2 passport sized pics

1 year Bank transactions to show ur direct deposits

Latest Paystubs for 1 year

Status updates for a month or 2

Timesheets for 1 year

All Tax returns papers

OPT cards

4)it took approx 2 months n I didn't get passport yet. Finally I had to go to the NY Office n get it.

5) make sure ur role is consistent on LCA and ur client, vendor, employer letters.

Be confident n u'll get it.

Good luck!


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