Valid of company B's H1B petition


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I am working with company A in US since may 2011. I got offer with company B in Dec 2011 and transferred my petition to company B and it was approved in Dec 2011. But some reasons I didn’t join the company B at that time. I am continuing with Company A. few months back I travelled to India and came back to US from company A. Company A’s petition/stamp is valid till Dec 2013.

Now I am planning to join the company B and B’s petition is valid till Dec 2014.

Could you please clarify following questions

1. Is company B has to file new camp-exempted petition for again to join B now?

2. Is B’s petition valid still? Can I check this online? I have B’s I-797 with me.

3. Can I join company B with my old B’s petition directly in US?

4. Do I need to travel to India/abroad and came back to US on B’s petition, as I don’t

have the valid B’s I-94.

5. If yes to 4th question, is there any other ways to join company B without going to


Thanks for your reply in advance.

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