Travelling On B1 while H1-B is in still in RFE


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Here is my situation, I am currently in India. I have H1-B with Company A and when I went for stamping, I got an RFE. I submitted documents to consulate and now waiting for RFE to be resolved. In the mean time, Company B has an exciting opportunity and they want me to come to US for full day interview before they make an offer and decide on a visa transfer. I currently hold B1 visa valid till 2018 and could possibly travel on B1 for business or vacation.

My question is can I travel on B1 visa for visiting Company B for a full day interview? If yes, what all documents do I need from the Company B that would help me enter and exit US without any issue? Would I face any issues at port of entry? How can I prepare myself for such situation? I have no intent to stay in US after the interview process is complete and would return back to India. If Company B decides to make an offer and transfer my H1-B then I shall come back on H1-B after valid stamping on H1-B.

Has anyone run into similar situation?

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