How to enquire TRV application status


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You have no way to get the status about it. But rightnow the normal processing time is 40 to 50 days from the day your application was received in NY-CA Consulate.

Is it 40 to 50 business days? Otherwise I am past the regular processing times. I applied online on April 15th and mailed my passport on May 6th after receiving the passport request message on May 6th. I have my interview on june 12th.

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Its hard to getyour PP by that time but hope the best as of my experince and feedback from others too turnaround time is 40 days but as I said hope the best, if you dont get the passport by that time try to reschedule your appointment for an other nearby date, as you can reschedule you appointment any number of times if your plan is for canada.

Gud Luck.

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