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Currently, I work for a small company, which has clean records. It got 3 H-1b's approved, which includes my first H-1B which was approved for 3 years, few days ago.

I'm planning initiate the GC process with this company and also company is showing interest to file my GC, along with other person. My concern is, is it Ok go ahead with it or not. I know, GC process is a long term commitment and want to be careful.

I would appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance!


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If the company has been in business a significant length of time and seems to have no issues with funding, don't worry. Since you have not yet worked on H1B, you are very early in the process. A bigger concern is whether they will make it through PERM since you apparently are inexperienced.

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Also, would be helpful if some can provide the best practices and lessons learned from your GC process. This will be very helpful to me and folks like who are in my stage.

Thank you!

Best practices is always keep a well qualified Attorney along with you to guide you...someone like Murthy Law firm would be helpful.

Lessons learned - Read this forum.

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