DUI h1b stamping hyd or chennai?


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I got a DUI in nov 2011 and planning to go now for stamping.I am in confusion to decide to which consulate do i have to go to.I have seen in the forms that few people who went to chennai got stamped.I am planning to go to hyd.How safe is it to go to hyderabad counsulate with prior DUI offense.Please advise.

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Hi, I got arrested for a DUI in Aug 2009 in CA, plead guilty in court in Jan 2010. I went to India (Delhi) for visa stamping in Jan 2012, got it stamped but had to do medical examinations.

I'm going again for visa stamping (Delhi) in May next month, would I've to do medical exams again since it's been more than 3 years? Can you let me know? Thanks.

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