HELP: MS Student --> OPT --> MS Student --> J-1?


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I'm in a peculiar situation.

I am currently on an F-1 and have graduated from my grad school. I have a 2 month grace period, which ends on June 23.

I have been accepted into another Masters program (not Phd) beginning in Fall '13. However, I'm not sure whether I can obtain all the funds necessary to complete the course.

Take my OPT through my old grad school. If I find the funds for my new grad school, later in the summer, i'll switch to an F-1 at the new grad school.

However, this would mean losing my OPT. Furthermore, I would not be eligible for another OPT after graduating from the new grad school because it is a Masters, not a PhD.

If I wanted to work after the second grad program was complete, how would I do that? J-1?

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