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I have few questions regarding future employee GC.

My situation is that I am with Company A and have almost 1.5 years on second H1b . My company do not want to file GC as of now .

My questions:

1) Lets say Company B files my GC as future employee , can company A extend my H1b after 1.5 years ? if yes , they can extend for 1 year or 3 years considering I have I 140 approved from company B ?

2) if company B is okay to hire me after I get GC , is it okay that I continue working with Company A or Company C in future on H1b ?

3) Once I get GC , is it okay if I don't work for company B or may be work for company B for few months ?

4) At what time I have freedom to work with any employer ?

5) In case I don't file my GC at all and my wife have I 140 approved , can I get H1b extension from my employer ? if not , what are the options in this case ?

Thanks for answering !

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