Prevailing wage determination for PROJECT MANAGER title.


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My employer is planning to start my PERM application under the EB2 category for a Project Manager title. However, DOL do not have a Project Manager title in the list of occupations.

The only manager position within computer/IT occupational category is OES/SOC Code # 11-3021 (Computer and Information Systems Managers). “Information Systems Manager†is more of a supervisory role with direct reporting team members and has entirely different job responsibility compared to a project manager. Also, the prevailing wage for systems manager is almost 1.5 times of the industry average for a project manager.

There is some risk that DOL might mistakenly classify the job of "Project Manager" as a systems manager and this could adversely affect the wage determination and further processing of PERM.

Is there anyone on this board who has successfully processed a PERM for "Project Manager" position? Could you please advise what Suggested SOC (ONET/OES) code & Suggested SOC (ONET/OES) occupation title did you use for the prevailing wage determination application.

Thanks in advance!

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Why are you - the employee - involved in this? The attorney will assist the employer in determining proper filings based on the specifics of the situation. You need to stay out of it completely until you are asked to provide your information. If your employer is using you to do this research rather than hiring an attorney, you need a new employer.

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The job duties are more important than the job title when determining the SOC code. Compare the O*Net job duties (especially the verbs, "design, develop, supervise, analyze," etc.) to the job duties for the proffered position to determine which SOC is more appropriate. The DOL will make the final determination when the prevailing wage is issued.

You and your employer should discuss the Labor certification process with an experienced immigration attorney.

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