US visa payment (for renewal)when you are in US


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I am trying to make a payment for my H1b extension and with the new process in place for the payment, if I don't have an account in India to pay in rupees, I don't think either the NEFT option or the IMPS option works. Is the only option left out for me is to request my folks to go and make a payment in AXIS bank and get me the receipt?

How is everyone who is already in US, needing to go for a stamping, doing for the payment?

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Make your folks go to Axis bank personally and pay the fee, or an easier way, make your folks pay through NEFT. NEFT payments need not be from your account, it can be from any account held in rupees, you just need to give them the correct number, (ex: TIERxxxxxx) I found NEFT to be the best option, it is automatically connected to your visa appointment account, no need to carry receipts.

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