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Hi my wife got her H4 visa from Chennai when she first came to US.

Both of us got renewal in 2010 till oct 2012.

Now her sister is getting married and she is going to India.

I am employed with a client and cannot take vacation and go along with her. I dont have stamping for now. She is going to Hyderabad for stamping.

My question is does she need a client letter.

I have made a list of documents I need to send with her.

I already have a letter from my employer.

Copies of my I-797, Drivers license, Passport (All Pages)

W2 from last 2 years.

Copies Paystubs from last 6 months.

Tax returns for last two years.

Health Insurance card. (on my name)

Our marriage certificates, photos. Our Marriage Invitation card.

Her sisters marriage Invitation card.

Bank Statement from my savings account.

Visa Interview letter, DD, Recent Photographs.

Address Proof (Utility Bill)

Is there anything else that I might need apart from the above?

And what her the chances of her H4 renewal. Will there be any problem in her stamping.

Can anyone please guide me, and also what are the kinds of questions these days? She went to stamping in 2008 and it was pretty straight forward at that time, not sure how it is now. Have heard a lot and thats why I am scared to send her.

Thanks in Advance.

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nowadays the consultate is rejecting H4 cases without looking @ the substance in the application...Even in murthy bulletin it is advised that even H4 should not travel if not urgent....Infact my wife H4 also got rejected....So going to india and getting h4 is a risk at this point of time...Sorry i am not trying to scare you but i am also in the same boat so trying to share my experience

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@Monty4u, it seems you have listed almost everything needed for her approval however I do recommend to send the client letter to her as these days this document has become the priority.

My wife went to stamping in hyd yesterday and I had sent her all the above documents plus client letter, even though VO did not asked her for the client letter and approved her H4 but I still think keeping client letter handy is a good option..in case she do not have it and VO ask her for it then he will give her 221g and that may take a while to be approved.

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