H1B extension filed and transfer to new employer at same time


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Hi Team,

I got my first H1B stamped on 15, Nov 2010 and I travelled to US first time in Oct 2011 from same Company-A. Then in July 2012 I switched to Company-B and my visa transferred to Company-B which is valid till 2nd Aug 2013.

Now, my Company-B has filed my extension in normal processing on 18, April 2013 and I have an offer from another Company-C. Which I am planning to join and they have agreed to do premium processing visa transfer, I have following question/s

1) Since my extension is still in progress and my current petition is valid for next 3 months till 2nd Aug, 2013, am I eligible to get the transfer. And would this transfer be as simple, as I had earlier, from Company-A to Company-B?

2) Would there be any complications if this transfer is done, considering extension is still in progress?

3) Does transfer require extension receipt or valid approval for extension from USCIS ?

As, I have read in forums the “Bridging situation” will occur when my extension is still in progress and I would have already crossed current petition end date 2nd Aug, 2013. And the complications would occur if Company-B pulls back the extension. But, since I have not reached petition end date 2nd Aug, 2013 will “Bridging situation” be applicable to my case too as about 3 months are remaining.

Please let me know if I have missed any information which might be required for my case. Also suggest what kinds of complications can occur, if any.

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