Changing employer after I-140 approved


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Hi all,

I am currently in 7th year H1B valid till 9/30/2011,

my I-140 is approved and my employer just filed for

the 3-year H1 extension. I am planning to change jobs

to company B and have some questions on this:

a) company B is ready to file my H1 (in premium) based on my

approved I-140, however the new job is in a different location (current Labor/140 is filed

in California, new job is in Seattle) and the job

title is different too (from Engineer to Manager),

is this a problem for the H1 filing? I don't want

to risk filing thru company B and getting denied.

b) it seems like I will have 2 H1B applications in

parallel (extension filed by current company AND new H1 filed by company B), is that a problem?

If the H1 by company B is approved will that automatically cancel my current company's H1 extension application?

I would really appreciate any advise on the

above questions, thanks much!

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