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Hi, I am currently enrollled in a profit institution for Masters degree in Information technology (CIP Code 11.0103). The university is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

If the company agrees to file EB2 with Masters degree, would I have any complications down the road because of my degree being from private US University?

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

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It is possible some situations will allow you to qualify for a position even when you’ve obtained the required degree while working with your sponsor. Therefore, it is advisable to speak directly with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney.

So, the degree from for profit institution satisfies the EB2 category, correct?
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It depends on the institution. It also depends on your employment history/plan pre and post degree. Speak with your employer's attorney. With a new degree and a new job, the employer may have a hard time meeting PERM requirements of no USC/LPR qualified and wanting the job.

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A degree from a private accredited institution is a problem with qualifying for the H1B Master's Cap. However, there is no such similar limitation in the Green Card context; one must be able to establish that one's degree was awarded by an accredited institution of higher education. The law does not state any prohibition on qualifying for EB2 or EB3 classification if one has a degree from a private accredited institution of higher education.

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I am always worried when someone says that they have a degree from a for-profit private university. Anyone with concerns about their eligibility for a GC should consult an attorney - either that used by their employer or another as an individual - before filing for an assessment of all credentials.

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