administrative processing white slip in Calgary, canda


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I received administrative Processing slip from Calgary, Canda on 4/30. the slip does not say 221G,I'm not sure if it is 221G or not. That letter has list of additional documents to be submitted for processing but VO checked the last box named other and wrote like "Suggest interview be done in India".

I would appreciate if someone can answer my question below.

1. I checked status online from, it says Administrative processing. Should I attend interview in India? or wait here until the status changes to something

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Can you provide some more details, so that experts might help...

1. How big is your empoyer (no of employees & revenue)?

2. Are you in EVC model?

3 if so, How old is the business established?

4. Did you do MS here in USA?

5. Is this your first h1B stamping ever?

6. Did you go for H4-H1 stamping? and that too for the first time?

7. What's the (out of USA) university that you passed out? any other info will useful...

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