Successfull Visa Stamping @Vancouver Apr 25th


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Hi All-

Thanks for everybody who helped me prepare for my interview by posting their experiences and i am hoping my interview will also help somebody in the same way that helped me

1. Me: Gud morning officer

Ans: He didn't reply anything

2. He asked me for my passport and ds-160 confirmation page and i-797 A

3. VO: How long you have been working with your employer

Ans: X Yrs X months

4. Do you have an end client?

Ans: yes and told my client name

5. How long you have been working?

Ans: X yrs X months

6. So you have been working the same amount time both with employer and client tell me the start date?

Ans: Told exact start date.

7. He asked for my client letter and LCA

Ans: Here i don't have a client letter but i have an e-mail from my client hr saying they don't

provide i showed him the same e-mail printout, He read that e-mail and went thorugh LCA

8. Did you do your Masters in Us?

Ans: Yes from XXX univ then he asked about the two other universities names that are established under same name then i said yes then he smiled at me that moment i was sure i am going to get my visa

9. How much you are getting paid?

Ans: I said XXX amount per year

10. Did you ever stayed on bench?

Ans: I said No

11. Do you have any trouble with your employer is he paying you on time?

Ans: No trouble at all i always get paid on time

he kept on typing something on the computer and then he cancelled my F1 visa then told me your visa is approved you will get your passport with in 3 days and he gave me that white sheet explaning how to collect passport

i went to counter 5 and even my friend went to the same counter he also got exact same questions and he got his visa also. there are 3 other people before me for H1b all of them got it so i think they are giving it to evrybody. Wishing you all the best for everybody.

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