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Hi All,

Visa was approved this AM in Ottawa.

My case: 7th year extension on I-140 approval, 6 years with same employer, direct employee, no vendors etc.

VO: Hi, tell me about your role at this company

ME: Gave him a short answer...I work in so & so deptt. and my team manages various external relationships with vendors and does reporting.

VO: Okkkay....kept typing into his terminal...Tell me about your education

ME: I have a bachelors in business and MBA from so & so university

VO: Any relatives in US?

Me: Nope

VO: Any relatives in Canada?

Me: Nope.

VO: Okkkay...looks like you're all good to go here. Pointed me to the directions to this website in a white sheet of paper...said usually takes about 3 business days to get passport back. Thanks & have a good day.

Me: Thank you sir!

Short interview, no documents asked for. There were maybe 5-6 folks before me, atleast a couple of these were white sheeted - either 221(g) or put on hold till they "verified" things like client letters etc.for those on EVC model. Got the feeling with most interviews that they were drilling away with questions on the role and vendor related questions.

But generally, like it's been mentioned on these forums a hundred times, come prepared, speak confidently and give answers to the point and you should be fine.

Thanks for all the help to all the forum participants.

Any folks who're in town for stamping in Ottawa, hit me up if you'd like to meetup for drinks/dinner. I'm here by myself this week, just waiting to pickup passport and get out of here. Wouldn't mind meeting some new people in the process.

Thanks again and good luck to all!

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Hi All,

Even i had my interview on april 23rd and it went successfully. VO said he is issuing the visa to me and my wife and gave a whitesheet containing instructions to pickup passport.

Just had a question. When i logged into my account today morning i couldn't see a waybill number in my summary page. Do you guys already see a waybill number in your summary pages.? please let me know if anyone sees and or receives email about passport pickup.


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So just wanted to share some notes on my interview experience, maybe it can help those looking to head to Canada.

1. Grabbed passport from Ottawa Loomis branch - 1740 Comstock. Located in an industrial area. Maybe a good idea to go with a friend/ask the cab to stick around while you pickup passport.

2. You'll never get a second e-mail from Loomis after the first one. I suggest heading straight for the Loomis branch after you get the first e-mail and are able to track shipment. Tracking usually updates couple of hrs after initial 'Picked up from consulate'.

3. I rebooked my flight a day earlier to get the hell out of Ottawa! I will say, waiting in Canada by yourself is a boring experience, I couldn't wait to get back after I grabbed my passport! The 48 hrs after the interview I had to wait, I took a train to Montreal and spent a night there. Montreal is an awesome city with lots of cool architecture, great food and gorgeous women everywhere.

4. I would recommend not flying into/out of Canada. Flights are expensive, Air Canada is the worst airline in the world and the security lines are insane at Toronto and the immigration process seemed lengthier than normal too - you complete customs & immigration in Canada itself. I got a Paki American Immig. officer at Toronto who was really mean. Asked to see my current I-797, My I-140 petition approval notice AND letter from employer. I've never been scrutinized that much for an H1 entr in the 7 years I've been going in and out of the US. Oh well.

Anyways, got back to good ol USA and regular life resumes. Thanks all for your help and guidance, couldn't have done it without all of your help. Good luck and happy stamping to all future attendees!

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