I20 Creation date Issues


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My spouse got admission to MS for Fall 2013 and she is planning to travel india from may to June and attend H4 renewal interview, she like to convert from H4 to F1 after coming back.She is not attending F1 interview in india as she does not have GRE score as university and particular course does not need it, however we are afraid if VO will ask for GRE score.

They have created I20 form, It has a creation date of Apr 15th,The interational studies dept says that having a I20 creation date of Apr 15th and attending H4 interview in May and coming back will create issues as I20 form creation will automatically put her in F1 visa system.Can i know the possible issues on this ?

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She may not have time for COS to F-1 after she returns. She may have to attend on H4 until it occurs.

The issue they were saying is, it will show in uscis system that she have falsified if she enters US on H4 visa as she got her I 20 creation date before if she does not attend F1 interview..

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