L1B Extension and COS H1B


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My L1B expires in Sep 2012 but I94 valid till Sep 28 2013 and my same employer already filed for H1B waiting on decision. As am here in country since Sep 2010 and there is possibility of next 2 yrs with L1B ext if approve. Considering If we get H1B approved this year, is there any option to continue stay in the country for those 3 days (sep 28 - oct 1);

(a) To fill the gap of 3 days; if my employer apply for L1B ext and later if get approve; than it will be easy path (b) But if L1B ext not get approved and Oct 1 already passed on waiting for decision; will I be automatically on H1B even if L1B get denied. © Worst scenario; if L1B ext filled and got RFE during late Oct/Nov and 1 Oct passed; any option to revoke RFE for L1B and continue working with approved H1B petition.

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