i-94 extension question


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My i-94 is expiring in may, 2013. It was set that way because my passport was expiring at that date. However my original i-797 is valid until sep, 2014. I went to CBP DIO but they declined my request to correct my i-94 and adviced either to file a i-129 extension of stay or to leave the country and come back. My company's lawyers have started the i-129 process with filing a new lca for employ,ent dates between oct 2013 and sep 2016. So I'm a little concerned about that, shoudn't dates on the new lca start from may 2013(i-94 expiration date)? Or will old lca that was filled with the original petition cover that gap? Will the new i-94 that comes with new i-797 have oct 2013 start date? Would that mean I'll be out of status between may and oct? Thanks much.

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